6ch FAQ

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0. What is the internet?

1. Are you assosciated with 6chan (http://6channel.org)?
No. I don't know the guy who runs it, nor have I ever posted there.

2. Who owns this site?

3. Can I be a moderator?
No, unless you are me, which is impossible because only I am me.

4. When was this site founded?
Mid-late August 2006.

5. Are you going to add an imageboard?
Not at this time.

6. Do you have an IRC channel?
Yes, come to irc.sageru.org and type /list to see the available channels. The server runs on 6667 for plain-text or 6697 for SSL. The SSL uses a self-signed certificate.

7. I found some of the content on this website offensive!
I don't care. And that's not a question!

8. I was banned what now?
Enjoy your ban!

9. Someone posted something illegal blah blah blah how do I report it ;_;
Send an email to 6ch@sageru.org.