Sageru IRC Network


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. AdminServ
  3. Channel Modes


AnonIRCd is a custom IRC server designed specifically for communication without nicks. It is not a fork of another IRCd (though this was attemped to see if it would be easier). Though you can connect with a nick, the nick is never read from the connection and is not stored. The server uses its own system for identifying and banning users by message.

Most conventional IRC commands such as /join, /part, and /topic will work as expected. Because there are no nicks, the commands /ban and /kick have been replaced by equivalent functions provided by the IRC services (AdminServ).


AdminServ is the adminsitrative bot for channel management. It uses accounts, and each account has a specific privilege associated with each channel. The available privileges are OWNER, OP, HALF_OP, and NONE. An OWNER of a channel is the only one able to adjust privileges of others on the channel. To register an AdminServ account, use the REGSITER [username] [password] command, and then the LOGIN [username] [password] command. To claim a channel (must be empty), use the CLAIM [channel] command. Banning is done with the LIST [channel] command and BAN [channel] [number]. Unbanning is done with LISTBANS [channel] and UNBANHASH [channel] [hash_from_listbans].

The above only describes a few of the available commands. A full list of commands is available below.

    00:18 <VeryNiceUser> help
    00:18 <AdminServ> The following commands are available:
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> ASSIGN <channel> <privilege> <username>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Assign an admin account to have a privilege level on a channel. See the bottom of this message for
                      a list of available channel privileges.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> BAN <channel> <num> <optional: reason>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Ban a user identified by a message number on a given channel. Message numbers can be retrieved
                      from the LIST command.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> BANRANGE <channel> <num> <optional: reason>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Same as BAN command, but if user has IP address XX.YY.ZZ.FF, the ban is applied to all IP
                      addresses XX.YY.*.*.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> CLAIM <channel>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Claim ownership of an empty channel.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> HELP <[command]>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Display information on AdminServ commands. Specify a command to get help for just that command.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> IDENTIFY <username> <password>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Identify yourself with a previous existing admin account. This must be done prior to any other
                      commands. To register for an account, use the REGISTER command.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> KICK <channel> <num> <optional: reason>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Kick a user identified by a message number on a given channel. Message numbers can be retrieved
                      from the LIST command.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> KICK <channel> <partial_message>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Kick the user of the last message that matches the argument on a given channel.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> REGISTER <username> <password>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Register an admin account with given account information.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> LIST <channel> <optional: num>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Lists recent messages from a given channel, and associate a number with each of them. This number
                      is necessary for other commands like BAN and KICK.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> LISTACTIONS <channel> <optional: num>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Lists recent authorized actions on a given channel.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> LISTBANS <channel> <optional: num>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Lists bans on a given channel.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> UNBANIP <channel> <ip_addr>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Unban a specific IP address from a channel. Since there is no way to retrieve the IP addresses of
                      anyone on the server, this is only useful if someone contacts you and manually gives you their IP
                      address to unban.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> UNBANHASH <channel> <ip_addr_hash>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Unban a specific IP address hash from a channel, retreived from the LISTBANS command.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> SET <channel> <mode> <on/off>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Sets or unsets a specific mode on a given channel. Modes available: TOPICLOCK, SECRET, SPECIAL_ID.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> TOPIC <channel> <topic>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Changes the topic on a given channel.
    00:18 <AdminServ>
    00:18 <AdminServ> Levels of privilege admin accounts can have on channels are:
    00:18 <AdminServ> OWNER, OP, HALF_OP, NONE

Channel Modes

The following channel modes are available on the server and may be set by operators using the conventional /mode command.

    Secret        - +s (lower case)
    Topic Lock    - +t
    SSL Only      - +S (capital)
    ID Channel    - +u