Sageru IRC Network

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you operators ban users if they cannot see the names?

Operaters use the AdminServ bot to ban users, which is done on a per-message basis. The operator is given a numbered list of messages, and they indicate the user to ban by the message number.

2. I cannot connect because of a SSL certificate error. What can I do?

The server uses a self-signed certificate for technical reasons. To connect to the server, you must either manually add the certificate finger or turn of SSL verification.

3. How can I register a channel to become an operator?

Only channels which have no users in them can be claimed for operator status. To claim a channel, you must use the AdminServ bot. Register with the bot using the message "REGISTER <username> <password>" and use the command "CLAIM <channel>". Additional information on channel management can be found in the Documentation.