[AMA] Hi, I'm Tokiko, Ask Me Anything! (73)

43 Name: Tokiko [Del]

This deleted post is very important. In this post lies infinity, but at the same time there lies nothing. What was this post? Why did the author delete it? We will never know, but it is in that ignorance where we can find beauty. Simultaneously, it is everything and nothing at once. It has the potential to say anything within the scope of infinity, provided you have the imagination for it. Did it have the cure for cancer? Perhaps a poem so well crafted that whoever read it would be at ease with themselves for the rest of their existence. Your self would be separated into two: your old self, from before you read this post; and your new self, after reading this post (or, post-post, if you will). I'm sorry, I have to stop posting, I just moved myself to tears.

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