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1 Name: Sayonara [Del]

Hey guys, what fonts are you using? I am thinking of expanding my fonts folder. Here are the fonts that I am currently using Mononoki, Fantasque Sans Mono, Averia Sans, and very rarely analecta. These should convey my likes to you. If you have any fonts that you want to share feel free to write them down I will check them out. I like fonts that are aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes. I also program as well and I use Fantasque Sans Mono for that. I am looking for a good font for web browsing in general I am using currently Fantasque Sans Mono as it's pleasing to read it.

Sorry for the long posting guys I think I should stop here.

2 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

I like Terminus.

3 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

Please consider getting a blog instead of making all these threads.

5 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

Please consider getting an enema instead of waking with a shitty anus

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