Bees and cigarettes (3)

1 Name: Robert Brown [Del]

> Nicotine-laced nectar can speed up a bumblebee's ability
> to learn flower colors, according to scientists.
> The researchers used artificial flowers in a
> tightly-monitored flight arena in the laboratory to
> mimic how flowering plants use animals as pollen carriers
> and reward pollinators with sugars found in floral nectar.

2 Name: Robert Brown [Del]

> What the research team found is remarkable:
> Far from avoiding neonics, foraging honeybees and bumblebees
> tend to prefer food laced with it—even though it causes them
> harm. To test how pollinators react to traces of neonics, the
> team created controlled environments over 24 hours for both
> bumblebees and honeybees and gave them two food choices:
> a straight sugar solution or a sugar solution laced with
> neonics at levels found in farm-field nectar.

3 Name: Robert Brown [Del]

I want to smoke cigarettes with a bee queen.

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