The Beeposting has to Stop (2)

1 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

The beeposting is too much. It has been with us for so long and it has done nothing but brought us down. I know it's hard to accept, but the reality is that beeposting has no place on this board. Bees should, if at all, be posted on somewhere like world4ch. Please take the bees there, and do let this board go back to being normal.

2 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

Oh, this is the most clever bee thread yet. How many bee threads are there now? 5 ? 6 ? GOD I AM SO AFUCKING AROUSEDDDDDDD

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