dead cope channel (6)

1 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

send porno

2 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

i find pr0nz to be a major source of positive experiences for me.
for one, yes, there's jackin' it, which is always a good time. but more than that, there's something about the way that pornography captures an era that is difficult to describe, but simultaneously inseparable from what makes porn so appealing to me.
i like the grainy, boob-jobbed porn of the 90s. i enjoy the terrifying snuff film lighting of early 2000s candid porn -- it's not the scariest thing i've ever seen at all!
but most of all, there's something about coming of age during the golden age of internet porn -- there's something about seeing performers grow old over the years, just like i've been doing -- that feels profoundly human.

3 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

2d porn never grows old.

4 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

5 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

fuck off kuz

6 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

fuck off tranny

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