[AMA] Hi, I'm Tokiko, Ask Me Anything! (73)

25 Name: Tokiko [Del]

Thank you for your concern >>23-dono. I am buji de, as they say in Japanese, which is to say I'm safe and sound. I have no ill effects other than my THC levels being dangerously low, so my doctor suggested that I Smoke Weed Every Day to get my THC back up to a healthy standard.

I would never make light of 9/11, or the Holocaust for that matter. I was there when the towers fell, searching for my brother. I had to wade through the blood, the ash and the bones while avoiding debris falling from the sky. When I found him inside, the tower started to collapse. I extended my hand up to the ceiling and held up the entire tower, stalling its downfall to give my brother enough time to escape. Later I found out the man I saved was the notorious gay rapist Kevin Spacey, and my brother was safe at his home in Sacramento the whole time.

My website is down because I had to spend the money allocated for the server on my surgery. According to my accountant I will have enough to pay for the server again on the 11th of September. The overlap between the day my website will be up and 9/11 is pure coincidence and wasn't an attempt at crude humor. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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