Left my wife for a twink beekeeper (1)

1 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

That whale does not know how to please any man romantically, only catching naive fools to inflate her ego while she drains his wallet. Dumb bitch Becky I should have suffocated your fat ass. Destroying my ego, the constant gaslighting, plundering our savings for ugly cunt shoes and retarded handbags. Laughing at me because I don't want to share relations with a big large fat sow who you transformed into. Brucy baby told me "Ronald you know better than to screw around with a single mother." But years of MILF Mania had distorted my vision. She only ever set me up, to knock me down in front of our friends . Bitch you are so fat. and your kids are SO ugly, AND retarded. Emma's dolls have retard name, Phillip Jr sucks at Xbox. Also FYI Phillip Jr is probably a gay little faggot, he used to peep on me when I was showering . Brucy baby told me that a Bee's hive is the most beautiful kind of thing for Soul Mates to share together. Single mother fake milf Becky (you are fake milf . because no one want's to fuck you) only care about what kind of big house and holiday I can share with her fat fibromyalgia ass and her retard kids. Me and my beautiful tight muscular twink boyfriend Brucy baby share 3 beautiful hives in his atrium. Fat bitch single mother you better pray that you and your retard kids are not in the house when it goes up in flames. By the time fire controllers come upon the fire, me and Brucy baby will already be in Mexico, two Beautiful queens, our Bee hives and Fishing Poles secured snugly in the back of my lifted Ford Super Duty F350 LXT truck (2024 model) beginning our Perfect Romance Love Adventure romance life dream together. You get AIDS you fibro fatty witch.

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