Chan like old 4chan? (34)

1 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

So, I've been nostalgia-ing as of late because I've stumbled upon a bunch of stuff from old /b/.
So 4chan is down and the closest things to decent boards are /co/ filled with My Little Ponystuck Generals all day errday; /v/ which no longer has taste in vidya, and a few really slow boards.
So, anyway, I was reminiscing on good times then I realized I will never have these good times again (as is with all nostalgia).

tl;dr Where's a place like old /b/?

2 Name: aaaa [Del]


3 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

> tl;dr Where's a place like old /b/?


4 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]


5 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

jesus, how hory~

6 Name: ccctes [Del]


7 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]


8 Post deleted by user.

9 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

Are you familiar with iichan/wakachan? I wouldn't exactly say it's like old /b/ but it's very similar. Has a nice small-to-medium community, and is generally slow but not too slow.

10 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

iichan is essentially the autism headquarters of the internet

11 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

>tl;dr Where's a place like old /b/?

You'll find it in quiet places that don't adopt 4chan memes.

12 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]


Pretty much this.

13 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]


14 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

I just visited there. It was horrible. Fuck you.

15 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]


The janitor ruined it. A large portion of the blame for 4chan's problems can be laid at the feet of the staff, venal, overactive, and corrupt as they are. The fish rots from the head. It can't be helped.

16 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

>>16 What good is a moderator in a place that outspams spam?

17 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

he said to himself

18 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

>>17 It is a habit of the old, to always address the most intelligent person in a group.

19 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

he said to >>17

20 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

>>19 Problem?

21 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

Well that took a long time to die, they're all gone now. Closest thing to old /b/ is a certain onionland board.

22 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

/prog/ is still around. It occasionally gets flooded with spam (much like the legendary GNAA spam on /b/), but all the regulars know that the spam is temporary and come back once the spammers get bored.

23 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

>>21 Are you talking about what I think you are talking about?

24 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

>>23 there are only like two living chans in onionzone so its not that hard to figure out

25 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

There are only 2 on the onion index, but there's quite a few unlisted ones that you really have to know someone to get on.

26 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

ah, my bad then.

27 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

Yes so? It is true that population brings idiocy and the less popular the board the better there are a lot of shitty empty wastes too.

28 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

>>27 I find this fascinating. If the less the better, then consequentially the best forum is empty, and talking to one self the most intelligent intercourse. No doubt, however, that the more participants, the more irrelevant chatter, drowning the signal in noise. Is the signal perchance subjective? Or is the noise a symptom of insufficient meta-discourse?

I postulate that the number of individual contributing bodies is irrelevant, and quality is an inverse function of post frequency. This reduces the greater internet fuckwad conundrum to the question: What post frequency is optimal?

29 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

I would like to visit a text board twice a day and see new posts each time but never post simultaneously with someone because that makes me feel AQUARD

30 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

Don't be so self-conscious friend

31 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

32 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

>>28 Actually self discussion on a forum would be the best, especially if you challenged yourself. The best forum would have at most 5 participants at one time and there would only be one topic at a time that would flow to another topic within the thread, of course that would require constant talking and probably a few drugs from Dean Moriarty and Carlo Marx's playbook.

33 Name: キタ━━━━━━━━( ・∀・)━━━━━━━━!!!! [Del]

>>32 So dokyun then?

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